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Border Crossing Procedures?


There are several travel arrangements which you can use for your trip to Lake Oviachic. The distance if you elect to drive is approximately 575 miles from Phoenix to the lake. You will drive from Phoenix through Tucson, through Nogales, through Hermosillo, through Guaymas, and then to Esperanza (a town a few miles north of Ciudad Obregon). You will leave the main road at Esperanza and head north to the lake. The roads, both in the United States and in Mexico, are four-lane for the entire trip except for passing through Nogales and Hermosillo. This enables most drivers to make the trip from Phoenix in about 10 hours A map providing specific instructions on how to drive directly to the lake will be provided upon request. However, should your schedule not permit you to take the time to drive from Arizona, contact your travel agency or airline about flights to Ciudad Obregon.


We own and operate several bungalows.  These have either one or two bedrooms.  They each include air conditioning, hot water, a  kitchenette equipped with a range and refrigerator. 

Border Crossing Procedures:

First of all, if you have never visited the Republic of Mexico, you are probably apprehensive about coming because of the old horror stories about events which may or may not have happen 50 years ago. Mexico wants and needs United States citizens to visit chi country and has made a lot of changes over the past few years to make you feel welcome and safe while visiting. If you attempt to enter the country with a firearm without the proper documentation, you will be arrested and detained. By such action, you have committed a serious felony and will be required to pay a large fine. however, if you observe the laws of Mexico and treat Mexican authorities with the respect which they deserve, there is no reason that your contact with them should be anything else but professional and courteous.
You will most likely enter Mexico at Nogales Arizona. Upon crossing the border, you will probably be asked a few questions by Customs personnel pertaining to the purpose of your trip and what you are bringing into the country. They may or may not want to inspect your vehicle to see what you are entering the country with. In most cases, if you are bringing nothing which requires paying duty, you will be waved through the border. The primary checkpoint will be at "Kilometer 21". It is here where you will complete the various Immigration and vehicle registration forms. However, the process has been recently simplified and streamlined by the “Sonora Only” program. If you intend to travel only within the State of Sonora, you will find that you complete the required paperwork here in just a few minutes. If you see a line, it is probably for people travelling further in Mexico than Sonora. You should go to the office which says “SONORA ONLY”. You will be required to present the following documentation:
a. Proof of Citizenship as evidenced by a passport.
b. Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License. If you are bringing a boat and trailer, you will need to have the registration papers for them also.
c. Mexican Liability Insurance Since most U.S. insurance companies do not provide liability coverage while you are operating your vehicle in Mexico, you will need to obtain “trip” insurance to ensure you have the minimum liai1ity coverage for Mexico. This can be obtained at the border, or from many insurance companies.

While you will not be required to show proof of liability insurance at the SONORA ONLY desk, you should ensure that you have it since, as previously mentioned, most U.S. insurance company policies do not extend coverage into Mexico.

The above procedures apply only if you plan to restrict your travel to the State of Sonora. Otherwise, there are other documents and procedures which you must comply with.


In addition to your fishing equipment, one should consider bringing the following’ items;

a. Sun Screen - This will be a necessity if you don’t want to get a sunburn. The direct rays of the sun and the reflective rays off the water will burn untanned skin very quickly.
b. Sun Glasses - The bright sun reflecting of f the water will make your fishing less enjoyable if you leave your sun glasses at home.
c. Hat and Jacket - While the late morning and afternoons are generally “short sleeved weather, it can get pretty brisk early in the morning as you travel out to your favorite bass cove. For this reason, be sure to bring’ a medium weight jacket. Although you will usually be using it as a seat cushion before 9:00 AM, it will be welcomed early in the morning. Needless to say, particularly for those with “thinning” hair like mine, bring your favorite fishing cap.
d. Flashlight - Most fishermen want to be on the lake at the 1crack of dawn” and will need a flashlight to get everything organized before embarking in the boat. In addition, on those evenings when the surface action is hot, you will probably not be back at the Marina until nearly dark.
e. Rain Gear - While we don’t usually have much rain in this part of Mexico, it can never-the-less ruin your day if it should occur and you are not prepared for it. I have had some of my best fishing here when it was overcast in a light drizzle. Bring some rain gear to be sure your fishing is not spoiled by rain should it occur.
f. Breakfast Snacks & Coffee - If you do not require a full breakfast, you might want to consider bringing some donuts or other breakfast pastries and coffee in order to grab a quick bite before you depart for the morning fishing The individual coffee and tea bags makes it easy to prepare just one cup and it tastes almost as good as regular brewed coffee.
g. Cooler and Freeze bags - You will want to bring a cooler to use for soft drinks and beer while at the Marina and to use for transporting your fish back home. We have a young man who will be waiting for you at the Marina when you return to fillet your fish and pack them individually in Zip-Lock freezer bags. He will not have the freezer bags, so be sure to bring plenty with you if you plan to take fish home with you.
h. Small First-Aid Kit - You might want to bring a small first-aid kit to treat the usual nicks, cuts, and scrapes which are frequently encountered while fishing. They are relatively inexpensive and could come in very handy if needed.
i: Global Positioning System units: If you have already purchased one of the new Global Positioning System units, you might want to bring it along. Lake Obregon is very large and it is sometimes hard to remember how to get to that “hot spot” where you were yesterday. With the new GPS units, it is a simple matter to “store” the location of a favorite fishing hole and return to it at a latter time.


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