Marina Del Rey at Lake Oviachic
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About Marina Del Rey at Lake Oviachic


Dear Fellow Bassmaster:

We are a family owned bass fishing lodge named Marina Del Rey located at the waters edge near the dam on Lake Oviachic. Our family has owned the business since 1968, operating bass boat rentals (which include guides), a restaurant, lodging and providing parking spaces for boat launching in addition to RV hook-ups for our guest at Marina Del Rey.

The following information is pertinent to Marina Del Rey:

The heavy restocking of the lake in the past years and several record spawns the past few years will ensure that we will have exceptional large mouth bass fishing here at Lake Oviachic.

Each year the average size of bass has increased, with bass in the 6 to 8 pound range very common. This year we anticipate numerous catches in the 8 to 10 pound range. While the size of our largest bass are not as large as those found at Lake Baccarac and a few of the other lakes, you will find that the number of fish which you will catch here at Obregon will far exceed the average catches at the other bass lakes in Mexico. It is not uncommon for a single boat with two fishermen to catch in excess of 50 bass daily. Lake Oviachic is about 25 miles long and is one of the largest lakes in Mexico. With virtually hundreds of coves providing cover for bass, you will find that fishing here is very uncrowded.


  There are several travel arrangements which you can use for your trip to Lake Oviachic. The distance if you elect to drive is approximately 575 miles from Phoenix to the lake. You will drive from Phoenix through Tucson, through Nogales, through Hermosillo, through Guaymas, and then to Esperanza (a town a few miles north of Ciudad Obregon). You will leave the main road at Esperanza and head north to the lake. The roads, both in the United States and in Mexico, are four-lane for the entire trip except for passing through Nogales and Hermosillo, This enables most drivers to make the trip from Phoenix in about 10 hours A map providing specific instructions on how to drive directly to the lake will be provided upon request. However, should your schedule not permit you to take the time to drive from Arizona, You should contact your travel agency or airline travelling to Ciudad Obregon.

  If you would like further information please contact us at or visit our contacts page for other ways be in touch with us.


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