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March 14, 2015

While not coming close to the production in the previous report I’m happy to say our only trip to Oviachic this year was very successful as well…!

Mike Pendergraft and I took my son and young nephew down this past Monday & Tuesday. We stayed at Angel’s and used his boats & guides.

Honestly, I’ve never met anyone who works harder at their business than Angel does. The improvements to the Marina and the rooms are quite obvious since the last time we were there and Angel just couldn’t be more helpful or accommodating. The food in the Restaurant is just great…!!!

Mike and I caught solid fish both days. Between us we had around 125 for the trip. My son Ari (only his 5th time on Oviachic in 8 years) added another 35 to the mix. My nephew Barrett (13 years old) had a wonderful first trip to Ovichic and caught several fish both days.

Most of our fish were caught in about 15 feet of water in structure off rocky banks. We had most of our success across from, and at the base of, 3 Sisters. I got back to back 3.5’s on a Red Eye Shad, we caught a few between us on Spinnerbaits, but by far the most fished caught were on the 8 inch Zoom Lizard. Mike and I caught several 5’s each on that bait. While Watermelon/Chartreuse was the standard I caught my biggest ones on the Kudsu color (same green body but with bright green flakes rather than black). It probably doesn’t make a difference but they consistently hammered that color. The only fish I broke off in the two days hit that particular bait. She came out of the water (her mouth was just massive…!), dove for a tree and wrapped me up. She was clearly bigger than any of the 5’s we caught.

We found shade to eat lunch in at the north base of El Captain’…

BTW…Verizon in Mexico…here’s the deal: Before I left I added the “Mexico Plan” (started in 2015 I was told). It gives you 1000 minutes of Talk time for only $10.00 a month. Text’s cost .05 cents to receive but .50 cents to send. We just turned the texting feature off (much to my son’s chagrin) to avoid getting slammed with incoming messages. When I got back I dropped the “Mexico Plan”.

Verizon even prorated the cost. Mike was getting service out on parts of the Lake. Both Mike and Ari had service at the Marina.

We learned something coming over the Border (which all of you may already know…): You can get your Permit in El Palme ($59.00)…and that Permit covers only the State of Sonora. [No problem since we’re only going to Obregon.] However… if your truck is registered in a Corporate Name they WILL NOT issue you a Permit in El Palme. You must get the Permit when you first cross the Border and they take a $400.00 Deposit on top of the $59.00. We were told the Deposit would be credited when we turned in the Permit on the way back…but who knows…?

No problem on the roads in or out except to the Lake itself. They’re improving the road to a 4-lane blacktop all the way up to the last town. We were detoured way around the agricultural fields then brought back to the road. It will certainly be nice when it’s done. I know Angel is very happy about it…!!!

I hope this information was helpful to you all…

Morey Fischel




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