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Fishing Reports  


February 25, 2014

Myself and Scott Anderson fished these dates and the fishing is still tough.  We averaged about 30 fish per day and for Mexico that is tough.  While there, we met and talked to several other great guys, whose luck was about the same or a little better.  Our big fish was a 6#12oz on a white spinner, we picked up 3-5 # fish on watermelon liz's, as well as white and/or green spinners and we use 3/4 oz size.  Points with brush and deep water close by most consistent ( probably no surprise ).

Without stealing others thunder, there were 3 young guys from Flagstaff, who were pitching plastic into the trees in and around Cap2.  They had decent numbers of fish, with a couple being in the 8# range.  Also, two fellas (Dave and Jim, Bass Pro employees) fished the lower portion of the lake using Carolina rigs and picked up good numbers and at least one in the 8# plus range.  There were also two gentleman from Tn, who will probably send a report and they did very well on plastic as I understand it.  They picked up a 10, couple 9 and a couple 8 per the scuttlebutt

The lake is still very stained above Cap 2.  Scott and I spent most of our time between Cap 2 and Three Sisters fishing both sides.  It was frustrating in that we would pick up a fish here and there, but not consistent.  We did have some top water around Three sisters ( east side) using a Rico type bait, it lasted for a couple hours, early am.  They were not jumping in the boat, but it was fun!!

Be careful, the road from Obregon to the lake is full of pot holes as reported.  They are "repairing" it ????-   The gas station near the lake looked open, we did not use it, though.

Mr. Kemp, Paul, Dusty, Jim and Dave, it was great to meet you guys and it was a blast having a cocktail on the patio.  As always, Angel works way to hard meeting everyone's needs.  Scott and I along with 4 others going down end of March.

Good luck,

Mike Barton

February 17, 2014

Oviachic is fishing as about as tough as I have seen it in 25 years. I had a good trip last week mostly because we didn't expect great results and I had 7 other boats that kept  me in the know about the other places on the lake. Mike Kearney and I found the area of the lake that had good quality Bass and enough of them to make me happy. We averaged about 40 a day I know that most of the lake that is not anything to brag about but we were trying to catch big bass only and the area that we found had no fish in the 2 1/2 lb and smaller range and most of our fish were over 4 lbs. I think that when the smaller fish are around the big fish are not. We had 1 to 2 over 7lbs a day and 5 or 6 over 6 most days and 10 or so over 5 each day, Oviachic isn't any better than that today. The bass we found had not spawned we caught most of them on a spinner bait and the rest on a 8 inch pumpkin chartreuse tail lizard. The best area for numbers was around the Virgin Mary area on spinner baits in the backs of big coves. don't expect to find the bass you caught yesterday to be in the same area 2 days in a row. We heard that a husband and wife couple were doing great on dd22 crank baits fishing a little off shore in the Virgin Mary area. Dry creek has been good and so has El Capitan 2 area. My friend Rich Dwane says that he and Doc Beldon caught about 100 a day in the 1st El Capitan area on both sides of the river fishing brushy and rocky points on Senkos and carolina rigs.Things seem a little bit different on the lake and especially in the river almost like someone let chemicals down the Yaqui. I am probably wrong on that one I hope so. Lets figure this out I need help here and Angel will really be happy if we can


January 16, 2014

January 1st thru Jan 16th

Everything was different this trip from what I expected

We started out in the Dolly Parton area right out of the chute. We were not disappointed . The numbers of bass were crazy I have never seen so many fish in one area having double hook ups all day long. We thought we were close to 150 bass that day but nobody could keep tract of so many fish.This lasted another day and I shared this bite with a friend and he said to me that he couldn't believe that I would share the spot. The problem with something like this it only lasts a day normally we got 2 days out of this area and then you couldnt buy a fish in there.Oh well it was that way everywhere we went if you found a great spot you normally couldn't go back and duplicate it.

Well one of the great areas of the lake that has been producing giant bass we will call it up the river never produced anything special. I went up the river several times and I mean way up the river and caught 4 small bass for two times yup there. The water looked great both times I was there and the water temp was low 60s up tp middle 60s. Since I was there the river started running into Oviachic from Novillo and muddied up the water. I will be back in a month so I am hoping this changes.The lake is great for catching baas up to 3 lbs. 

The majority of the bass are on the main lake points where there is brush on the flats. The water is clear now and you can catch bass lots of ways with texas style lizards being the best. Lots of reports of top water action where the water is clear and that lasts up to 1st El Capitan. You can catch these fish many ways Senkos, Flukes, Wacky worms Rattle Traps  and some fishermen are reporting catching large numbers of these fish. One thing common is that nobody is catching anything over 4 lbs.If you go looking for bigger fish you will find out that the numbers will go way down as you go towards the river looking for something big. My biggest fish in two weeks is a 7lb 2 oz about half of what I was looking for nothing special when you are used to catching bigger fish. 

The spawn is going on on the main lake and twards El Capitan but it isn't showing anything at all  past this area. Hopefully this changes soon. The lake just started going down this week it went down almost 2 feet while I was there. I hope this does not slow down the spawn. You will see water temps from low 70s in the afternoon on the main lake and just past 3 sisters to low 60s up the river. Lots of fish in Dry Creek this year and also around all day cove. The lake looks as good as I have seen it for years and top water lures are great and I caught fish on Ricos up til noon on sunny days. The area around Horse island and behind on the brushy points is as good an area as you can find dont expect that you can go there 2 days in a row and duplicate your bite just keep moving around and you will find them. The biggest bass are coming very shallow 3 feet and you can see the bottom down to 4 feet at least so stay back and throw a Rico you wont be disappointed. 

Catch and Release starts Feb. 1st thru March and get a fishing lic. I was checked this trip and twice on my last trip. Angel was fantastic he made my trip great he is so helpful. We are lucky to have him around thanks Angel


December 31, 2013

Just returned from Lake Oviachic on New Yearís Eve, after what was the fastest drive ever from Obregon, 9.5 hours total.  We left at 430AM and arrived at my house in west Phoenix at 200PM.  We met no traffic in Hermosillo, were waved through by the Federales in Santa Ana, and pulled up to an empty lane at the border crossing.  Be certain to have a good seat cushion for the road beyond Hermosillo.  The section from Hermosillo to Obregon is bad, but the road from Obregon to the lake is horrible, it looks like it took artillery fire, be careful with broad and deep potholes.

The lodge is as usual, Angel continues to make improvements, the dirt road to and from the lake is very serviceable.  The water is high, just a few feet of the island is visible, and you should be able to boat all the way up the river to the water tower.  We had great weather, nighttime in the upper 50ís, daytime highs in low 80ís, could have used a bit more wind though, as reaction baits are tough in flat water.

Our group consisted of 6 boats, boat captains were Grimes, Grimmett, Bell, Scott, McGonigle and Kemp.  Everyone fished long and hard, as we were competing for a spot on the coveted Grimmett Christmas tournament plaque, so the following report is very representative of how the lake fished for us.

The first day three of the six boats headed to the river at safe light and subsequently left by 1030AM, not one bite, water temp 59-62D, water was brown, but not as brown as last year.  I actually returned to the river on day 2 in the afternoon, thinking there may be a better afternoon bite, again did not get bit, water temp 64D.  Needless to say that put a big damper on my weeks plans, since I love fishing the river.  Someone suggested that the fish pulled out of the river when the water level fell, and have yet to return.  I marked many fish in the river channel, but they did not appear to be of any size.  Consequently, our group spent the week fishing the marina as far as El Cap2, with most of the activity between 3 Sisters and El Cap2, water temp 62D in the AM, and up to 68D in the PM, which should have made for great fishing.  As the following numbers clearly show, it was a tough bite for our group, I will only report on the top three boats of each day, top five fish from each.  The big fish of the week was 6/2, caught on a spinnerbait.    No fish in the backs of coves, mostly interior banks and points, most fish caught in 4-12' deep.

Gary Grimes

November 28, 2013

Myself and Lew S. fished Obregon from 11/23-11/26. Fishing was rather slow and the fish were finicky. We caught between 30-70 fish per day. We were able to catch a five pounder everyday with a 5.5 being the big fish of the trip. Most fish came out of 3-6 ft of water but some out to 20 ft. Fish were scattered and we had to cover a lot of water. We primarily used spinnerbaits, T-rig, and cranks. Floro or mono line caught more fish than braid.

The weather was great and water temp was 75 in the afternoon. The drive went well and the food and service was great.


November 28, 2013

With the storm passing through last weekend and the bad lunar forecast, we had low expectations for fishing.  However, the early morning bite was excellent with half our daily total caught at our first stop each morning...on top water.  The late morning bite was equally divided between spinner baits and plastics and it lasted until the wind shifted about Noon.  Size was about as expected as per earlier reports with the BF being 6.3.

The lake is in very good shape and it is down only about 4 feet from its high water mark this year.  There are fewer netters, more bait fish and continued improvements to the launch ramp and turnarounds.

The road in from the freeway is OK with the pot holes limited to a few miles between the last gas station and the little lake.  There is no place other than Marina Del Rey at Lake Oviachic where you can pull your boat up to your room and be ordering a good steak at the restaurant within 5 minutes after pulling out. 

Our group has high fishing expectations for our four trips planned between Christmas and Presidentís day. 

Rumor has it that the old bass club is raising Florida strain bass!



November 1, 2013

The Bradshaw group just returned from 4 days at Oviachic. The drive down was very smooth everything went great. Nothing new at the lake the lake is a

t 70% full. Water temp is about upper 80s in the river and middle 90s on the main lake. Fishing wasnít fantastic but good with lots of 2 to 3lb fish only 1 big fish and it was a 7lb see pic.Fish numbers were ok but not great any where between 75 and 125 per day for 3 good worm fishermen per boat. Very few fish in the river  and no fish way up the river. Dry creek was good as was horse Island. Most fish were caught on lizards at varying depths. The blockade went smooth but these guys planned the drive to when the road was open  




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