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Fishing Reports  


November 10, 2014

Wednesday November 5th:

Crossed the border a little after 6 am.  The first check point after the toll both we were all stopped and asked for the boat permits, first time for that!!!  Hit Kilometer 21 at about 6:30.  We had all done the truck permits on-line so the 8 of us only needed to get our visas.  Of course there was only one window open to pay for the 180 day visas and there were several Canadians that were getting permits for their motor homes so it took a little longer than we hoped, but we prevailed. 

As we approached Obergon it started to rain off and on till we got to the lake.  Really cooled things off a bit.  The road into the lodge was nice and they repaired most of the pot holes.  Arrived at the lake around 2:30 PM.  The lake is the fullest Iíve ever seen it.  It looked to be just a couple of feet from full pool.

A couple of guys fished at the Dolly Parton and caught fish, mostly plastics.  I think a 5 was the largest.

Thursday, November 6th:

Woke to wind and lots of it, but no rain.  Decided to make the run to the sisters.  Had to take it slow or we were beat to death.  Started at a cove before the sisters where Dennis had fished before and started to catch fish right away.  No size but still fun.  Some on top water and some on plastics.  Noticed the water temp was 79 degrees.  Couldnít believe it was still that high.  There were times it got to 81 degrees in some areas.  Moved around to try to establish some type of pattern.  As the day progressed the bit continued to slow down.  We went up the river as far as El Capitan 2.  There is so much lush green vegetation in the water that it provides a lot of cover for the fish.  Of course it was difficult to get any lure under the canopy of cover.  The trees were covered in spider webs.  So if you got hung up in the trees you had to deal with the spiders as well as getting the lure out.  The bite continued to slow down.  We made a run to Dolly Parton to try our luck there.  The wind had laid down by now.  We maybe caught a couple of fish their but no size.  We mixed it up between plastics, crank baits, spinnerbaits, top water but no real pattern yet.  We finished the day with about 35 fish.  Maybe the largest was pushing 3 pounds.  One of the guys caught a 7 pounder by flipping a lizard over a tree to the back of it and pulling it out.  If he didnít have braid it would have broke off for sure!

Friday, November 7th:

Woke to more wind again.  Went to a cove before and to the left of the sisters and started there.  Dennis was throwing top water again with some takers.  We mixed it up to keep catching fish.  I was able to catch fish on plastics.  Caught some on a Senko.  A single tail grub, black and blue was also effective.  But caught most on the Watermelon/Chartreuse lizard.  Still no size to speak of.  Again maybe a 3 1/2 pounder.  But the fishing was more consistent throughout the day.  Maybe caught about 50 fish.

Saturday, November 8th;

More wind today!  Decided to start where we left off Friday evening with top water. Got on fish right away.  Caught a 4 pounder.  Dennis caught a 6 on a chatter bait.  Things were looking up!  Keep the top water going and continued to catch fish on and off throughout the morning.  Decided to move to a cove before the sisters and continued to catch top water fish.  Moved to the back of a cove using top water.  I had a giant fish blow 3 feet out of the water to get that lure.  I thought I was Peacock Bass fishing.  Had her on for all of about 5 seconds and she spit the lure.  Rounded the corner and caught another 4 pounder.  We continued to catch top water fish all day long.  Even when the water was flat with no wind.  I dumped a couple of more bigger fish.  I think the problem was using the braid.  There wasnít enough give in the line.  Tried backing off of the drag but it wasnít enough.  I could hook those fish but as soon as they would make a run I think they were puling the hook out??  Thatís why they call it fishing!  Still was just awesome!  Actually saw a 3 pounder come under the top water lure, pause and then bust it!  We ended the final day with about 75 fish. 

Final thoughts:

We noticed an incredible amount of Tilapia in the water.  Sizes were from 1Ē to 5 inches.  Everywhere we went there were Tilapia.   With all the vegetation in the water the fish have a lot of cover.  We did noticed that a lot of our fish were being caught out in deeper water, 8-15 feet.  Some of our top water fish came from those depths.  Was hot all 3 days.  Into the 90ís but manageable. 

We did eat at the restaurant Saturday night and asked Angel for steak and it was delicious.  Well worth checking out!  The other guys in the group had Carne Asada!  If you want steak be sure and ask him in advance so he has time to get them for you. He also has some new hats in!  Canít wait to get back.  Didnít get checked at the Military checkpoint and only about a 20 minute wait at the border and we didnít get checked their either.  Left Oviachi at 5 am and crossed the border at 12:30.

Well the first reports for this season have just come in with great fishing reported at Oviachic  and good reports from Novillo. The best thing about the fall is the top water action. This is not usually something you can get great numbers from but the best is the sight of a big bass hitting your top water lure. Both of these lakes have lots of green bushes in the water and the draw of all bait fish is huge either eating plankton or green bushes. Some of the guys that reported said the green bushes were to hard to fish and when they got close to pitch a jig or worm in these bushes the nats drove them crazy. As you can imagine it is easy to catch fish on just about everything you throw as long as you are some what shallow. Worming and cranking accounted  for   the best results and the guys said  if the area you are fishing is slow move 100 yards away  until you find them. Every one is interested in the river at Oviachic and the river is muddy and very slow so far. The virgin Mary area back to 3 sisters is the best area for better fish numbers and size. Typically in the fall the bass aren't fat yet and it shows lots of 3 and 4 pound bass only a few 7s. The lake is full and thats great for the future should be a great spring. The best numbers i heard of is about 125 a day for a boat load of fishermen but 35 to 50 a day per fishermen was more normal. Novillo is also very good for numbers but size was not very good just lots of fun. Up the Yaqui past the power lines was the best area to fish.

The road to the lake from Espiranza is in good shape and we are hoping by spring the new road they are building to the gold mine will be done. The pot holes that we usually have to deal with as you get past Hornos are better so far this year. I never count on that section being in good shape. Every thing else is about the same just smooth sailing. If you have any ideas for something we can give Angel for taking so good care of us let me know. He is awesome ...........Danny




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