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Fishing Reports  


January 10, 2015

Oviachic fishing report for Jan 5-8, 2015. Sam Sherwood along with Dick Westergard and Bob Flaherty, all from Mesa.

Monday; started at 9:30, boated 77 by 5:30. I never fished a lizard this day and others didn't catch much on it. Spinnerbait and crank were good with some TW late. Big fish 5 lbs.

Tue; 65 fish boated this day mostly fishing lizards after a slow morning TW and spinnerbait bite. Had some slow stretches here and there. Big fish 5 lbs

Wed; overcast all day with little wind so TW was the ticket. 70 fish by 2 pm before we had to tow someone in. 95% of all fish were on TW. Big fish was 6 lbs on TW. (HC was the place to be)

Thur; Boated 50 fish by 11 after starting at 7 and packed it in to headhome. First 2 hrs on TW for half the fish and then lizards for the next 2 hrs and the other half of the fish, mostly on points up near LR II. Biggest fish was 5 3/4 on a lizard.

We never fished below 3 sisters other than 'all day cove' the first morning and an hour in the Dry Creek area after the tow in, and never up past 'Mary' except as noted. 68 degree water by late pm and we never caught a fish deeper than 10'. We were headed up lake every day before 6:45 thx to GPS, and not back in till 6 the first 2 days but packed it in early the last 2 days.  68 degree water in late afternoon

January 2, 2015

I recently traveled to Obregon with a group of friends,  the Grimmetts, Bells, Scotts, Schoenour, Southard, and Mcgonigle, our dates were 12/26-31, 2014. The highway improvements are starting to show, as the road was in the best shape I have seen in four years.  It was an easy drive the whole way with some construction detours in Hermosillo if you travel by the prison.  After turning off the main highway and heading towards the lake, about a couple of miles from the highway, there is an estimated 4 mile detour on a dirt road.  The road, though dirt, is not that bad, but if you haven’t been on it before you will certainly question whether you are going in the right direction since it seems to take you at least a mile away from the main road and there are virtually no signs other than the initial detour arrow.  The road is located atop a thirty-foot wide earthen canal, but stay the course and you will be ok.  Fuel costs are much higher at $4.12/gal than what we are paying presently in the US, but the total averages out nicely.

The water level was quite high, the island in front of the restaurant is not visible, but the water does appear to be dropping, though not terribly fast.  A rain front had just passed prior to our arrival, but overall the weather was decent, though we did have windy days on Days 1-3.  The water temp seemed to average 65-69 degrees.  There were 5 boats in our group, and we fished hard every day from 730AM until around 5PM.  Our group fished primarily in the coves between 3 sisters and El Cap 2.  One of our guys ventured to the river, but found little success, so it wasn’t worth the fuel needed for the lengthy ride.  Our guys found success with a number of baits: spinnerbaits (slow rolled on bottom), cranks (in brush/trees), lizards, and occasional topwater (by trees).  I like to try different baits while in Mexico as I find no better lake to improve skills with newer baits.  I caught three 5’s on in 10-15” water on the same point towards the back of a cove with a 10” Larry the Lizard.  I also caught a six and a few nice 4’s on a gr-pumpkin chatterbait in 6-10 feet of water, I like the chatterbaits because I get the benefit of fishing the bottom but can work the baits much faster.  I had some R2Sea tilapia squarebills which were very effective.  I threw a River2Sea Whopper-plopper which produce several nice fish in the trees, but the dang hooks are so big they easily get snagged.  Angel believes you get more bites with clear line over braid, so I used fluorocarbon leaders on my braid and felt it produced more bites than straight braid.  My partner found much success drop-shotting with a Zoom trick worm, though he did use 4/0 hooks and 17 lb line on a casting reel, but it certainly gets caught more often than a texas-rig.  Quantity of fish can certainly be found shallow, less than 5 feet, but the better fish seemed to be located deeper, from 10-20 feet deep.  The majority of the fish caught were 1-2 lbs, our group’s big fish was 7.1 lbs., and we also caught 3 sixes and probably 10 fives.  Our group was fishing a tournament, highest three day total, with the winning weight being just over 67 lbs which I only mention that because it had a bearing on how some of our group fished, going for quality over quantity.  The big fish were tough to find.  I spent an afternoon sight-cruising the shallows and did not see much, other than a ton of 2-inch tilapia.

I want to share a boat problem I encountered while at the lake, if only as a testimony as to how far Angel goes to ensure a good trip for his guests.   I was back by the virgin Mary and discovered my boat would not change gears, fortunately it was stuck in forward so I was able to return to the lodge.  Angel has a mechanic who is essentially always on call who came to the lake and removed the lower unit on my 2009 Evinrude 250HO only to discover the linkage within the lower unit was broken that connects the shifting rod to the lower unit gear shifter.  He removed my lower unit at 430PM, took it back to Obregon, repaired it with the factory part, and was back the next morning at 830AM for a successful installation.  I was only charged $150, which made me a quite happy since not only was I able to continue to fish but also likely saved money over the local shops in Phoenix.   

Gary Grimes

December 13, 2014

Bobby Meyer and I arrived friday Nov. 28th to fish for 14 days. After the first day I knew this could be a great couple weeks of Bass fishing. We have been there in the fall many times before but mostly marginal trips. This was an exception.I loved the fact that the lake was almost full and the water color and temp was perfect at 75 degrees. First day we messed around the 3 sisters fishing everything. Nothing special happening except lizards in the bushes. As the day went we noticed that the bass started hitting the plastics harder and all of the better fish (3 to 4 lb) hit it on the way down.We were using 5/16 weights and  we thought it was better to use the lighter weight. I tried something on this trip I used hi vis Power Pro yellow (65lb)with a 6 ft piece of 25 lb Shooter flurocarbon tied on the end. I got great hook sets no lost fish and could see the line great. The first day only produced about 60 fish with lots of 1 1/2 size with big fish of 5 1/2 lb. I was not very impressed so far. The next day we started at the early time of 9am My fishing partner was slow going because of a bum hip. We never beat 8:30 am but we fished hard until 5pm every day.

Nothing special day 2 but we still caught close to 70. Monday was special because we started to catch bigger fish and all on plastics mostly in the Dolly Parton area. Monday night we decided to go to the 3 sisters area and try top water because some of the guys said it was good that day. We started fishing top water at 9am and we never used any thing else for the whole day for well over 100 bass. The next day was our worst day with only about 60 fish we spent too long looking for the top water bite. Dec. 4th our 6th day We are starting to see better bass swimming around in the coves especially the spawning areas from El Capitan to Virgin Mary. We started fan casting the shallow shorelines and bushes and started catching more 4 and 5 lb bass and very fat bass. We took Angel out with us on day 7 so around 1pm we went in and picked him up. We were already having a great day with around 130 fish and told Angel how good the fishing has been so he was excited to get in on the action of worming in this shallow bite. Angel counted every bass we caught and released and at the end of the day we caught 70 more with lots of 3 and 4 lb fish. We have never caught this many bass before. Angel must have been a guide years past because he was on top of his game. I was dissapointed to see that we could not get anything going in the river. Water looks great water temp was also great but had no action when I tried it. Best fishing was the area between Virgin Mary and 3 sisters.We fished lots of places we normally dont fish and had decent fishing we averaged close to 100 a day. The other guys in camp said the topwater bite was great every morning and some days caught as many as 50 in 3 hours. The rest of the days were very similar and had a blast every day  catching these fish in areas we never fished before. 

I dont want anyone to think we kept many fish in fact we didnt keep any until the 7th day. The limit at Oviachic is 5 a day. I believe this year will be special I cant wait to see the river start producing. 

Roads were better than we have seen in years and launching is a snap.

Danny Westfall

December 12, 2014

Of the four days we fished we had two OUTSTANDING days (over a 100 fish per day)…. Mostly topwater in the coves from three peaks to the Virgin Mary Camp.

Seemed like rico’s that had “orange” coloring blended in worked the best for us.   We didn’t catch any wall hangers, but Will did stick a 7 pounders…  we caught lots of 3,4&5s…   and quite a few dinks that must have made their way up from Bartlett lake??

There was a “good” lizard bite .. and a few Spinner bait fish as well.

The weather was awesome!!!  Mid 80’s in the day time, very little wind.   The last day Friday it did cloud up and drizzled a bit.  Angel took great care of everyone as always!!!!!

The surface temp was around 76….   The lake level is dropping making the fishing a little easier than it was in NOV.

Roads going down are under construction… so take it easy.

Hope you get a chance to get down there and have some fun…

Good fishing, Good Health, and Happy Holidays to all of you…


Dan Peloso

November 10, 2014

Wednesday November 5th:

Crossed the border a little after 6 am.  The first check point after the toll both we were all stopped and asked for the boat permits, first time for that!!!  Hit Kilometer 21 at about 6:30.  We had all done the truck permits on-line so the 8 of us only needed to get our visas.  Of course there was only one window open to pay for the 180 day visas and there were several Canadians that were getting permits for their motor homes so it took a little longer than we hoped, but we prevailed. 

As we approached Obergon it started to rain off and on till we got to the lake.  Really cooled things off a bit.  The road into the lodge was nice and they repaired most of the pot holes.  Arrived at the lake around 2:30 PM.  The lake is the fullest I’ve ever seen it.  It looked to be just a couple of feet from full pool.

A couple of guys fished at the Dolly Parton and caught fish, mostly plastics.  I think a 5 was the largest.

Thursday, November 6th:

Woke to wind and lots of it, but no rain.  Decided to make the run to the sisters.  Had to take it slow or we were beat to death.  Started at a cove before the sisters where Dennis had fished before and started to catch fish right away.  No size but still fun.  Some on top water and some on plastics.  Noticed the water temp was 79 degrees.  Couldn’t believe it was still that high.  There were times it got to 81 degrees in some areas.  Moved around to try to establish some type of pattern.  As the day progressed the bit continued to slow down.  We went up the river as far as El Capitan 2.  There is so much lush green vegetation in the water that it provides a lot of cover for the fish.  Of course it was difficult to get any lure under the canopy of cover.  The trees were covered in spider webs.  So if you got hung up in the trees you had to deal with the spiders as well as getting the lure out.  The bite continued to slow down.  We made a run to Dolly Parton to try our luck there.  The wind had laid down by now.  We maybe caught a couple of fish their but no size.  We mixed it up between plastics, crank baits, spinnerbaits, top water but no real pattern yet.  We finished the day with about 35 fish.  Maybe the largest was pushing 3 pounds.  One of the guys caught a 7 pounder by flipping a lizard over a tree to the back of it and pulling it out.  If he didn’t have braid it would have broke off for sure!

Friday, November 7th:

Woke to more wind again.  Went to a cove before and to the left of the sisters and started there.  Dennis was throwing top water again with some takers.  We mixed it up to keep catching fish.  I was able to catch fish on plastics.  Caught some on a Senko.  A single tail grub, black and blue was also effective.  But caught most on the Watermelon/Chartreuse lizard.  Still no size to speak of.  Again maybe a 3 1/2 pounder.  But the fishing was more consistent throughout the day.  Maybe caught about 50 fish.

Saturday, November 8th;

More wind today!  Decided to start where we left off Friday evening with top water. Got on fish right away.  Caught a 4 pounder.  Dennis caught a 6 on a chatter bait.  Things were looking up!  Keep the top water going and continued to catch fish on and off throughout the morning.  Decided to move to a cove before the sisters and continued to catch top water fish.  Moved to the back of a cove using top water.  I had a giant fish blow 3 feet out of the water to get that lure.  I thought I was Peacock Bass fishing.  Had her on for all of about 5 seconds and she spit the lure.  Rounded the corner and caught another 4 pounder.  We continued to catch top water fish all day long.  Even when the water was flat with no wind.  I dumped a couple of more bigger fish.  I think the problem was using the braid.  There wasn’t enough give in the line.  Tried backing off of the drag but it wasn’t enough.  I could hook those fish but as soon as they would make a run I think they were puling the hook out??  That’s why they call it fishing!  Still was just awesome!  Actually saw a 3 pounder come under the top water lure, pause and then bust it!  We ended the final day with about 75 fish. 

Final thoughts:

We noticed an incredible amount of Tilapia in the water.  Sizes were from 1” to 5 inches.  Everywhere we went there were Tilapia.   With all the vegetation in the water the fish have a lot of cover.  We did noticed that a lot of our fish were being caught out in deeper water, 8-15 feet.  Some of our top water fish came from those depths.  Was hot all 3 days.  Into the 90’s but manageable. 

We did eat at the restaurant Saturday night and asked Angel for steak and it was delicious.  Well worth checking out!  The other guys in the group had Carne Asada!  If you want steak be sure and ask him in advance so he has time to get them for you. He also has some new hats in!  Can’t wait to get back.  Didn’t get checked at the Military checkpoint and only about a 20 minute wait at the border and we didn’t get checked their either.  Left Oviachi at 5 am and crossed the border at 12:30.

Well the first reports for this season have just come in with great fishing reported at Oviachic  and good reports from Novillo. The best thing about the fall is the top water action. This is not usually something you can get great numbers from but the best is the sight of a big bass hitting your top water lure. Both of these lakes have lots of green bushes in the water and the draw of all bait fish is huge either eating plankton or green bushes. Some of the guys that reported said the green bushes were to hard to fish and when they got close to pitch a jig or worm in these bushes the nats drove them crazy. As you can imagine it is easy to catch fish on just about everything you throw as long as you are some what shallow. Worming and cranking accounted  for   the best results and the guys said  if the area you are fishing is slow move 100 yards away  until you find them. Every one is interested in the river at Oviachic and the river is muddy and very slow so far. The virgin Mary area back to 3 sisters is the best area for better fish numbers and size. Typically in the fall the bass aren't fat yet and it shows lots of 3 and 4 pound bass only a few 7s. The lake is full and thats great for the future should be a great spring. The best numbers i heard of is about 125 a day for a boat load of fishermen but 35 to 50 a day per fishermen was more normal. Novillo is also very good for numbers but size was not very good just lots of fun. Up the Yaqui past the power lines was the best area to fish.

The road to the lake from Espiranza is in good shape and we are hoping by spring the new road they are building to the gold mine will be done. The pot holes that we usually have to deal with as you get past Hornos are better so far this year. I never count on that section being in good shape. Every thing else is about the same just smooth sailing. If you have any ideas for something we can give Angel for taking so good care of us let me know. He is awesome ...........Danny




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