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Fishing Reports  


March 14 - March 16, 2016

Fishing Oviachic was great last week. We didn't catch as many fish over 7lb that we wanted but we sure had a lot of fun anyway. We did count our fish just to see how accurate our counts were. My boat caught right around 100 a day for 2 fishermen. Our biggest problem was not catching as many 3 to 5lb bass as we think we should. It seems that every cove up the river didn't hold big fish but some did. We would move around looking for better fish and sometime we would find them. Some coves had lots of fish around 1 1/2 lbs some coves had lots of bass around 3 to 4 lbs. I could not tell you how to find the right coves because we also had problems finding the right coves. When you did it was great fishing catching good quality bass on lots of techniques. Spinner baits and plastics and senkos texas rigged weightless were the best for us for those better bass. My partner and I did catch 2-7lb 4 oz bass and 6 over 6 lb bass.Our 2 biggest came in a big bay close to El Cap 1 on the west side of the lake in the late afternoon. Stay out late when fishing there and stay around 5 to 10 ft deep. We just looked for islands not close to shore and fished all around them.

Dan Westfall

February 28 - March 6, 2016

Another great drive in trip to Lake Oviachic Mexico for 6 days of fishing. We pulled into the compound on Sat. around 3:00 and fished for a couple of hours with two boats in our group for a total of 5 fisherman. We had around 50 that afternoon but did not start using the counters to keep up with the exact numbers until Sunday morning. We had a total of 1,085 Bass on this trip with only a 7.2 being our largest fish.

- Sunday through Tuesday up the main river 15 miles around the 3 sisters area and Second El Capatian produced lots of 3 to 6 lbs. Bass each day. Most of the big girls had spawn up there leaving lots of smaller mails to protect the beds in the 3 ft. deep water. We found the larger fish off the drops just on the edge of the spawning flats and caught most of our fish on Brush Hogs and 8" Zoom Lizards.

- Wednesday through Friday up the smaller North River 8 miles produced the larger bass which was not there on our January trip. It was a great call putting our daily boat catches around 100 per day with half of those over 5 lbs. each. All of the big Bass came off the drops in the deep trees which made it very difficult to feel the bit with the wind blowing from South to North each day. We lost several big bites that we will never know how big those fish were. John's 7.2 put on a great show for us on the last day. As he pulled the Brush Hog up from the depths of a 15 ft. deep tree she followed and went air born coming down on the bait and right back down into the tree. The fight was on; but he wins this one.

As always we had great food and accommodations at Marina Del Ray. Each person's room and food bill was only $300 each for the 7 nights. It doesn't get any better than that to go to Mexico to catch Big Bass and lots of them. Anyone is welcome to go on our next trip. My boat is always open to take two fisherman. I promise it will be your best trip ever.

- Contact: Cell: 432-553-1874

Donald Harper

March 4, 2016

Got back on Fri. Wyatt and I fished 8 days and caught 705 bass with an 11.5 and a ten. Fish pen cove across from skull island gave up 100 bass on the first day. Most were caught on lizards but we found a school of small ones chasing minnows off a point and wore them out. Day two we went up to the next cove and caught most of out fish off rock outcroppings on lizards and lipless cranks. That is where Wyatt had his ten. We quit at 4PM with 100 bass. The creek on the west side below the sisters had lots of fish up to 5lb off the first deep point. Not much back in the creek. The small bass chased the minnows off the deep point where we wore them out on the lipless crank. I got my 11.5 off the spinney ridge line across from the 2d Cpt on the west side on a lizard. We got several real nice fish fishing this bluff bank up past the small pocket (dog cove) in 12 - 18 ft. We did not do much on spinnerbaaits or deep diving cranks. The last couple of days the lake dropped a lot and most of the fish moved out to deeper bluff banks.


March 2 - 6, 2016

Just 2 of us this trip. Wednesday we got down around 3:30 and ran to cove under sisters. Picked up a quick 19 with a couple 4+ all cranked Norman dln's. Thursday up river mainly within 1-2 miles either side of Virgin Mary. Buddy's first fish went 7.7 on a dln. We also got one over 5 and 5 over 4. 64 total with 24 under 2 pounds..aka dinks.

Friday 83 with lots of dinks along with 7.1 on a dln and a few over 5 same bait. Saturday 66 with a 6 and 5.6. Probably 80% were dinks.

Others having same issues. Sunday weather starting coming down with the cold front moving in. 31 total with bite moving to slow rolling spinnerbaits deeper and most hanging on trees. 6.8 and a 5.1. Everyday same mid river areas. Never went past cap 2. Water fairly stained.

Water temps 71-75 range.

Not a lot of boats but most reporting same results. Several areas where roads were at single lanes so budget a little extra time. The big gas station at the San Carlos turn is closed. Cross back around 3:30 took 20 minutes. Angel was great and food was excellent.


February 23, 2016

We arrived Tuesday 2-23 around 1:30pm and we immediately headed up to the cove just behind 3 Sisters. There is an underwater island that is just coming out of the water. Caught our first fish on a jig and proceeded to catch fish throughout that cove.

Over the next 3 days we caught some really nice fish our biggest was a 9 up past 2nd lunch rock on a lizard. 6 -8's and 12 7's with a lot of 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's. For the first time in a long time I saw sign that the Big Catfish are back. I had a very large fish on that straightened a 4/0 hook completely out, not long after that we saw some buzzards eating a carcass and as we approached it was a very large skull and backbone of one of those catfish.

I did run all the way up to the water tower one morning and started fishing the shoreline by where the barbwire fence was years ago and we did catch some fish but the numbers weren't very good and the size was just average. Our fish were mostly caught on the Bevy Shad 75, Lizards and believe it or not Rico's. I threw the Rico almost all day on Thursday it was completely sunny with no clouds in the sky and it didn't seem to make any difference, we fished shallow and also found some 30-40' water and would throw the Bevy Shad or Rico up tight and it was on. Didn't throw a Spinner Bait once although the way they were attacking that Bevy shad I am sure that a spinner bait would have worked as well.

Angel was great as always, we had some trolling motor battery issues and he was right there to make sure we had our problem fixed and back out on the lake.

February 23, 2016

Our group returned from a great trip last week. The river is taking off 4 boats 8 guys so many big fish lots and lots of 6#&7# fish 4 over 8# and a 10.5# spinner baits were by far the bait in the river. When it slowed Rattle traps or buss baits picked up the slack. Water temp was 64 degrees in the morning 70 in the late afternoon. We were taken care of by Angel as always and the drive was good. One of our guys got a truck permit at 21k NO PROBLEM just make sure you have copies of all documnts. Can't wait to go back next month

Tom Brown

February 7 - February 15, 2016

The week was great, the weather perfect and as always Angel was wonderful.

Scott and I boated 4 - 6's, 2 - 7's and 1-9. We also caught bunches of 2 to 5 pound fish. We also like to throw spinners predominately which produce larger fish but less quantity . This week the gold plated spinner seem to be more productive than a silver spinner but both work. I also used a lip less crankbait with some yellow gold color that was consistently producing fish as did plastic. The better fish seem to come off secondary points off the main lake.

Boat and vehicle permits -
We needed both a boat and truck permit. Reference the boat permit retain your receipt that comes with that 10 year permit. We did not have that receipt and it was an issue but they accepted the cancellation. Additionally they ask for the serial number off of the motor on the boat, which I don't recall occurring before but you need that number also. In reference to the truck permit the bank at 21 kilometers suggested that I get the vehicle permit at Empalmae where I would only have to pay the $65 and not a $400 deposit. That too was a curveball. The Empalmae staff also suggested using US currency as opposed to pesos because of the currency rate, go figure. Overall no really big issue just a little more travel time. The bottom line retain any receipt received regarding a boat permit or truck permit and it will reduce the headaches.

Mike Barton

February 16, 2016

Wow what a trip we were hoping this would be the year for Oviachic. We were very close to the best trip ever. We not only caught lots of fat bass we loved the bite. Fishing shallow up around the 2nd El Capitan was great but so was fishing around Mary and 3 sisters area.ACTUALLY SOME OF OUR GUYS FOUND LOTS OF BASS JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE. Chris Brehl says they caught bass on everything they tried with Senkos maybe the best choice. Shallow was the ticket and I found lots of bass in 2 ft of water. I would rate the river as maybe the slowest area we fished but some big fish came from up there. If you like to fish Flukes and bass assassin type of baits now is your chance and its been years since we have had this bite so good. Our group caught 5 8lb bass and lots of quality bass. Don't go down there with wimpy rods or light line or you will be disappointed. This must be the time for those little clickers for counting fish caught because everyone had them and most of these guys had well over 100 a day my brother Kevin and Will Garten say they caught close to 200 the last day fishing and most of their fish were caught on Senkos.

This was one of the best trips for top water early and late but we also did good around noon especially if their was some cloud cover. Spinner baits were the best lure if you are looking for a toad almost all of our big fish were were caught on spinnerbaits and a 3/4 oz double willow gold and gold was the best on 65 lb braid. A 4 inch Baby Brush Hawg watermelon best plastic to use. A 6 inch watermelon Senko fished weight less with a 5/0 Gamakatsu wide gap. All kinds of top water was used with great results. The bass loved the brush so stay in it all day. Get out early and you will miss the mess launching the road to the water is a mess so go early you will be happy. Nothing was a real problem you will have a great trip with all of this brush and the weather is fantastic.

Dan Westfall

January 23 - January 29, 2016

With a short day on Saturday evening we caught about 25 bass, then proceeded to catch 1200 bass over the next 6 days as follows. We had 3 groups on this trip Jan. 23 through Jan. 29. David Welcher was my partner on this trip. All of our big Bass came past the Second El Capetian. Best baits were Brush Hogs, Lizards, Spinner Baits and Top Water.

Day 1
We had 99 fish up to 8 lbs,
Jamie and Mike had 60 fish up to 6 bs
Sam, Dalton and Chuck caught 82 up to 4lbs

Day 2
We had 66 fish up to 6 lbs
Jamie and Mike had 62 fish up to 5 lbs
Sam, Dalton and Chuck caught 139 up to 6.8 lbs

Day 3
We had 58 fish up to 6.7 lbs,
I missed a big one, she came up and spit the Brush Hog right back at me. Got a close look, she was between 10 to 12 lbs.
Mike and Jamie had 46 bass up to 5.5 lbs,
Sam , Dalton, & Chuck had 36 bass up to 5.5 lbs.

Day 4
We caught 69 fish up to 5 lbs.
Mike and Jamie caught 64 up to 5lbs.
Sam, Dalton, and Chuck caught 79 up to 5 lbs, and they had boat problems. Angle sent a mechanic out to the lake and problem solved.

Day 5 North River
We caught 69 fish up to 5.6lbs.
Mike and Jamie's caught 30 up to 5
Sam , Dalton, and Chuck caught 44 up to 5 lbs

Day 6
We caught 64 fish up to 5.7
Mike, and Jamie caught 61 up to 5.9 lbs.
Sam, Dalton and Chuck caught 70 fish up to 8 lbs 12 ounces with Dalton catching the monster on a Spook.

Pictures from the trip

Donald Harper

December 9, 2015

It was not the best of Oviachic!, it may have been my worst of Oviachic, but it was still great. Angel as always was there for our needs..

Westfall 'schooled' us on top water the first 2 days (it was overcast both days). Seemed the bite changed everyday but by sharing information we were able find fish. The numbers were never big but we did pull a few 5's and 6's. On my last day I managed to flip a 7'2" with what else green pumpkin lizard. What was different was the large number of dinks (the lake will have a future). Most fish were found around Cap 2, but later in the week fish were also found by Cap 1. Westfall, Marchetti and Seaman stayed with Meyer for a second week, we will have to wait and see if they continued to pattern the lake. So the bite was as it always is - whatever your favorite pattern is - it works. Surface is a viable try even with the sun out, worms and lizards work any where from the bank out to 20 foot (the best depth seemed to change each day).

I can't wait to go back as the quality and quantity will only get better.

Tight lines,



December 15, 2015

What a fun 2 weeks fishing Lake Oviachic Bobby Meyer and I tried to fish the whole east side of the lake above 3 sisters. We went in and out of every pocket that looked fishable and made it all the way to just before El Capitan 2 when we ran out of time. Most of the fish were very shallow and the bite went all the way to the very back of the coves. The first 4 days were fantastic for top water with a variety of lures my favorite was the Whopper Flopper from River 2 Sea. You better have one when you go or you will be very sorry. Eventually the top water bite went away. Fishing then changed some and spinner baits and worms were the best but still in the same places. We didnt do very good in any water deeper than 15 ft. When the top water bite was good it was good all day. I think we all should try this any time of day because it worked. Danny Marchetti has been fishing top water for as long as I have known him and he is very succesful especially at Oviachic. A couple of boat loads from Phoenix FD. told me they caught these fish all day for 3 days and all on top.Not many big fish over 6 lbs but one of these FD guys caught a 9 lb big fish.

The river was dead and i dont know why dont waste your time but that will change when it gets warmer. My friend Earl says he catches plenty of fish on the main lake with a 5 inch Senko with a 5/0 worm hook not weedless. Earl fishes just about every week.

This trip allowed me to work with my friend Rick Seaman who I have been working with to write a book on advanced bass fishing thoughts so we analized the things we wanted to learn from and Rick and I have already written a bass fishing book for beginners and this will help us write another on Rick and Danny Marchetti tore apart the lake and found lots of stuff to talk about. They also did fantastic finding different bites that were going on. They also had 4 fish over 6 lbs. This time of year is tough for big fish in fact the local tournament 24 lbs for 4 fish won the last tourney just a few weeks ago.

In our group we had a few break downs but Angel came through again and brought a mechanic out each time we broke down and had us back fishing in just a very short time. Something that is going on at the lake that is disturbing is the other people that are trying to get into the motel business close to the lake and think they will get the same great service from angel and his mechanic if they are not staying there are kidding themselves. Dont screw up a good thing that we have keep Angel on top of things and you wont be sorry. I have seen so many times that Angel fixes things that we break and I love that service when we are not close to home. I also like the Security that take care of us when we are sleeping that makes me feel secure.

Dan Westfall

December 15, 2015

Lake Oviachic, MX Fishing Report 12/8-10/15

I took one of our EPIC Plumbing field supers, Dave Casey, to MX this week, fishing Tue, Wed, and Thursday. No cloud cover as we had in Nov and Wed afternoon proved to be in the hot category weather wise so that we had to hunt some shade for several hours, but overall, I think the catching was a little better this trip.

Every day was about 125 fish in the boat for the two of us with 3 distinct catching patterns including top water, plastic, and cranks with the latter putting fish in the boat the fastest and the best consistent average size most of the time but it did get tiring. I suspect that with my usual fishing partner Dick Westergard, who loves TW catching and knows the lake protocol that Dave did not, we would have pushed 200 most days, but Dave was getting after it by the last day on how the fish wanted what. We could TW the first 2 and last 2 hours of the day and do reasonably well even though the water temps were 4-5 degrees cooler than 3 weeks ago. In the heat of the day on Thursday, I even got lazy enough to try trolling and sure enough it put fish regularly in the boat over a 25’ bottom. Most all of our fish were between El Capitan 1 and II. I did crank quite a few fish on deep, rocky shorelines one day while Dave drug some plastic in 25-30’ and he did catch a few small fish here and there but the crank was easily out producing it in size and numbers. Most of the fish were in 2’ for TW and 6’ for the lizard with the crank catching them in all depths. If for some reason we hadn’t caught fish for awhile, which was rare, tossing a crank would change that result quite quickly. Big fish of the trip was only 6 lbs off a likely looking secondary point inside a deep rocky cove. There were several times we had dbl fish on the same crank or TW but they’d usually come off before getting them in the boat but here is a pic of one time they did not. I suspect an Alabama rig might have worked well in some areas. The tilapia were almost everywhere and if they weren’t, the fishing was usually slower in that area.

Going down took us 8 ½ hours and coming home took 8 hours partly because I left my boat there and Dave had a party to get to so the wife was happy! ? The water was down about 5’ from my last trip 3 weeks ago, still pretty high comparatively speaking. We kept 10 fish each day to fillet and always had at least a 3 lb average as we tossed back the ‘bigger’ fish but the normally larger fish found at Oviachic when going through this many numbers, are still not readily showing up as of yet. We could however catch an awful lot of 2 ½ lb fish along with other dinks that bodes well for the future as does the abundant tilapia population.

As last time, the road to Hermosillo is good with no crossovers. From Hermosillo to the Guaymas turn off, I think there was only one crossover but after the Guaymas toll booth, there are multiple cross overs that will slow you down with one way traffic. The nice concrete highway they are putting in through this stretch however will pay dividends down the road for many years to come but you’ll need a good stereo to turn up to drown out the road noise as they don’t believe in any rubber additives for that concrete! Once again we didn't get stopped at the MX inspection station coming home but our border crossing was just over 30 minutes when arriving at 1:45 on Friday.

The food in the Marina Del Ray restaurant was just as good as always so I'm way ahead of needing to make those New Years weight loss resolutions

Sam Sherwood


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