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Fishing Reports  


October 11, 2016

We just returned from 4 days of fishing at Oviachi. Angel was there when we arrived on Monday and as always was a great help.

The other boat in our group had problems with their motor and Angel was able to help them get the mechanic to help get them back up and going at least for one of the days. Their engine ended up with more problems so they didn't get to have too many full days on the lake.

As for our boat we had 3 of us and the fishing was just as good as I left it in April. This lake is very healthy and isn't quite as full as it was last October but it's still up high enough that the island in front of the restaurant is completely under water.

We were able to catch fish on just about any lure we threw. We caught fish on top water, jigs, spinner baits, crank baits, biffle bug, ned's rig, lizards and even a few on a whopper plopper. We made a run all the way up to the water tower and found some lily pads growing in the middle of the lake and tried to will something to bite us but no luck. On our way back towards 2nd lunch rock we did stop and catch a few on crank baits but the size wasn't anything to get excited about.

Our biggest fish was a 6'11 and we had probably 12-16 that were in the 6 to 6'9 range.

The roads up to the lake are very much improved, the road is almost complete to the gas station just outside the lake and it's as wide as a 4 lane highway, which is amazing.

One more piece of news, for the first time ever in all the years I've been going down, when we stopped to get the sticker at 21 I was asked by the bank for my registration and this time they looked at my GVW for my truck. I have a 3/4 GMC which weighs 10,000lbs. Well apparently that put me in a commercial class so we had to go over to Aduana so they could inspect my truck. After 1hr 45 minute wait we finally received an answer that my truck was too heavy and there was nothing I could do about it. We offered to pay more if they felt I was classified as a commercial vehicle but that didn't change things. Finally the Banjercito teller came out from behind the glass to take a look at my truck and I believe that he realized that the GVW was 10,000lbs it wasn't 10,000 Kg. Once they realized their error I was allowed to pass. I would highly recommend getting the sticker on line prior to going down. They are requiring documents to be scanned and uploaded, but the human error of the banjercito tellers at 21 is removed and it seems to be much easier.



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