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Fishing Reports  


February 19, 2017

I just got back from Oviachic and fishing was very interesting. We really expected great fishing and also big fish because of the spawn.

Well the numbers were really good. The size was not great. Seems like most everyone caught close to a hundred a day up to 200 a day.

Plastics were the best. Senkos were my favorite choice until it got windy then it was texas rigged plastics in every color it really didnt matter. Spinnerbaits were also good,. Location location location thats where it really mattered. If you were close to the Virgin Mary you were on em. Now the interesting part where were the bigger fish ? We went up the river to the big bend and then it got very muddy and the river wasnt very good up to there. The area from the Virgin Mary to El Cap 2 was the best You could do great all the way back to the 3 sisters from what i heard. The fish moved up and down after the 2nd day from what i found. We found fish in 35 foot of water the 3rd day and in 1 foot of water. Still the big fish were not around we caught no fish over 6 lbs even though lots of fish were big they were not at all fat and ready for the spawn . My brother Kevin and his fishing partner Will caught some in the 6lb and 7lb category but that was it for our group except for a couple more 6lb fish. The fish look like they are a month away from the spawn because they are not at all fat and lots of bass are yellow and pale looking and looks like they are just coming up from deeper water. The gill netters are complaining about the talapia also and not many nets around most areas. Let me know what you see when you fish because I dont know what the bigger fish are doing I am sure when the weather settles down and gets warmer than 68 degrees the fishing will be awesome. Every year the fishing has been getting worse not at all with numbers but big bass are not around as good as i think they should be.

Dan Westfall

February 13, 2017

Just returned home from Oviachic yesterday after an excellent three and a half days of fishing on the lake with 7 of my fishing Buddies. Everyone boated well over 100 fish each day with only a couple of slowdowns following our lunch break. We failed to catch any of the bigger fish as is the norm but did manage to boat a 7 pounder and a half a dozen or so six plus pounders. Our average catch weight after three and a half days of fishing was approximately two and a quarter lbs. per fish. Everything went extremely well as far as traveling went and the roads continue to get better with the passing of each year. We managed to shave about twenty minutes off of our travel time even though we encountered numerous detours along the way due to all of the road work. Angel was on top of things as usual and has done an excellent job refurbishing many of the rooms. Good luck.

Gary Reddin

January 22-27, 2017

We drug 3 boats down this trip and will be returning the last week of Feb. for another round with 4 boats. Most all the fish were in pre-spawn with only half of them weighing over 4 lbs. this trip. I expect this to really change in late Feb. Each boat averaged 70 Bass per day with the larger fish coming from 8 ft. plus bushes. Mike caught the larges Bass on Sunday the first hour of fishing as we fish about 3 hours on the day we arrive. It was an excellent unmarked fish with no signs of spawning wear. We had the Az. and N.M. cold front all the way down to Oviachic with a North Wind every day.

We caught fish on many different plastics from Crig. in deeper water against the bluffs near the backs of coves to Trigs on the points with heavy cover. Plastics that worked best were Brush Hogs and Mag. Lizards. Many were caught on 11 inch worms, jigs, cranks, rattle traps and spinner baits. Many Bass looking the rocks over for a place to spawn would take the Brush Hog on a slow roll back to the boat. We lost as many fish each day as we caught due to the tail biters. We would set the hook and most of the time only get half of the plastic back or it was ripped off completely.

I want to assure everyone that everything is fine in Mexico. The trip was great with no problems of any kind. I want to thank Angel for everything he does to make our trip a wonderful success.

Thanks, Donald Harper



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